How to Become a Digital Nomad

Written: Vagabondist Staff| February 15, 2023

The digital nomad lifestyle is all about traveling the world, living and working online, and enjoying the freedom of remote work. While there’s no formal definition of a digital nomad, we typically think of people who work online from remote locations such as cafes, co-working spaces, or their own home to earn an income, travel the world and meet people from different cultures.

A digital nomad lifestyle can give you the freedom to pursue your passions while earning money at the same time. Not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle though: like any job or career path, it takes hard work, persistence and patience to be successful. That said, if you’re someone who loves traveling and working online, read on! This blog will cover everything you need to know to start your digital nomad life – from what a digital nomad is and the benefits of being one to tips and tricks that will help you succeed as a digital nomad.

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who uses modern technology to work remotely from different locations around the world. Typically, digital nomads travel from city to city, often staying in one place for a short period of time. They use digital nomad lingo as a way of describing traveling the world using digital technology as their main source of income.

The lifestyle of being a digital nomad is great for people who love the flexibility and freedom that traveling provides. However, becoming a digital nomad requires having the freedom to travel while also being able to work remotely. Before diving into this lifestyle, it’s essential that you consider if it’s something you truly enjoy and can commit to.

The benefits of being a digital nomad

– Digital nomads have the freedom of working from anywhere and the flexibility to choose where to live. There are opportunities to meet new people, network with global brands, experience different cultures, and earn passive income.

– Becoming a digital nomad requires discipline and hard work. It involves quitting your job, striking a deal with your current employer to work remotely, or starting a new business.

– In all these cases, you require a strong set of skills, and digital nomad lifestyle can help you develop them. For instance, it helps you work on your digital marketing skills and learn how digital marketing tools work.

– A digital nomad lifestyle is also beneficial as it provides you the freedom to travel whenever you want and as much as you can afford to. It helps keep your lifestyle flexible and open to new experiences.

– Overall, becoming a digital nomad involves great commitment and discipline but the benefits are worth it.

The downsides of being a digital nomad

– Traveling as a digital nomad can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be exhausting and difficult.

– You’ll need to find a lifestyle that works for you. If traveling constantly gets you down, try traveling less or traveling in different ways. Or you could pursue another lifestyle, such as freelancing, part-time work, or remote work.

– If digital nomadism is too much of a lifestyle change for you, think about the benefits of traveling as a digital nomad and work on developing a plan that makes sense to you.

– One of the downsides of traveling as a digital nomad is the lack of privacy. When working as a digital nomad, you’re more likely to travel light and live in shared spaces like hostels or hotels. This can limit your ability to personalize your space and make it feel like home.

– Another downside of traveling as a digital nomad is limited access to traditional forms of entertainment like movies or concerts. It might be hard to find time to travel and relax when working long hours from remote locations.

Overall, traveling as a digital nomad isn’t for everyone, but it can be an exciting way to experience the world and earn money from online gigs.

Tips to start your digital nomad life

Becoming a digital nomad can be a great lifestyle choice if you’re looking for an adventure, flexibility, and financial freedom. You don’t need a permanent home or office to travel the world, and it doesn’t cost much to do so. Plus, digital nomads have access to affordable internet and Wi-Fi wherever they go, which makes life easier and more convenient. Still, before embarking on this journey, you should understand the lifestyle and consequences of digital nomadism.

– Research digital nomad hotspots carefully as living expenses vary across the globe- from expensive to cost-effective- before traveling.

– Prepare your traveling essentials like laptop, work laptop, charger, laptop bag, travel insurance, passport, and visa before traveling.

– Pack light as you don’t want to carry too many items around with you in the remote areas where your job may take you.

– Utilize online resources such as blogs, forums, and social media platforms to learn more about becoming a digital nomad.

– However, you should also consider the financial freedom and career opportunities digital nomadism can offer.

Choose a city with a digital nomad community

The digital nomad lifestyle offers many benefits for the work-from-anywhere individual. However, it is important to consider a range of factors when deciding where to live as a digital nomad. You must research digital nomad communities in the cities that you are considering. Consider cost of living in the cities that you are looking at. Look into job opportunities in the cities that you are considering. Take into account the quality of life in the city such as the climate, access to healthcare, and other amenities. Finally, make sure the city has reliable internet access and a good infrastructure to support remote work.

Identify your skill sets & strengthen them

One of the key factors to consider when identifying areas where you need to strengthen or develop new ones is your current skill set. You should assess your current skill set and identify areas that could use improvement. If you have a particular skill that is in high demand as a digital nomad, focus on developing that skill to make yourself more desirable to potential employers. Other areas that can be improved include social media management and internet research. You may also want to look into online courses or mentors who can help guide you as you improve your digital nomad skills.

By using your existing skills, creating a portfolio of work showing your capabilities as a digital nomad is a great way to showcase your work and show potential employers what you can offer them. Further, freelancing and networking are great ways to build your digital nomad credentials and gain experience in the field. By identifying the areas where you need to strengthen or develop new ones, you can identify ways to position yourself as a valuable digital nomad candidate.

Pick the right bank account and credit cards

If you’re planning to become a digital nomad, one of the first things you’ll need is an account with which to transfer money. One good way to do this is through an online account like N26. They offer a fee-free basic account as well as premium accounts that can help you manage your finances and stay organized. To avoid fees and other charges, consider signing up for an online bank account instead.

Optionally, you can transfer money between different currencies with a service such as Wise (formerly TransferWise). This will help you save on the cost of conversion fees. Additionally, be aware of visa requirements in the country you’re settling into as well as any travel credit cards that could help you collect points and miles while traveling abroad.

Build a portfolio & start searching job boards

To kick-start your digital nomad career, build a digital portfolio to showcase your work and experience. This can include blog posts, social media profiles, and other online assets. Also, create a professional website showcasing your work with the help of tools such as Squarespace and Wix. Include your best work on the “about me” page along with testimonials from past clients or supervisors. Optimize the site for search engine optimization (SEO). Use online job boards and remote work communities to find gigs that match your skills and interests. Finally, consider joining a remote work platform like Remote Year to access job listings curated by digital nomad job seekers.

Decide what to do with your stuff

Deciding what to bring with you as you start your digital nomad life can be a challenge. It’s important to think about the items that you need to work and live as a digital nomad.

One of the key considerations is the practicality of packing items that can be used for various purposes, such as work laptop, work supplies, and personal belongings. Another important factor is cost. Consider the possibility of renting items in your new location or storing items in a storage facility instead of selling them. Finally, decide whether to store items in a storage facility or sell them online. This can help save money while ensuring that you have the right items available for your digital nomad lifestyle.

Choose a location that aligns with your working hours

When choosing a remote job location that fits your work hours, it’s important to consider remote job locations that have overlapping time zones with the United States. This will help minimize travel costs while allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. Additionally, avoid destinations in Asia that have a 10-12 hour time difference. Instead, look for locations that have a healthy routine as well as work hours that best match your lifestyle.

Another important consideration when choosing a remote job location is the social and work culture of the location. Search for remote job locations that best fit your work hours and lifestyle preferences to ensure you make the most of your digital nomad experience.

Use your skills to make money online

As a digital nomad, you work online from anywhere in the world. This allows you to work as an online freelancer or work as a digital nomad and travel the world. You can work online virtually whenever and wherever you want, which means that you can work from home, travel, or work from the office of your choice. If you have a current job, digital nomad lifestyle can also allow you to quit your job and transfer your current work online.

Another benefit of digital nomad lifestyle is the flexibility it offers. With remote work opportunities like Remote Year, communities like Tech Share Groups, or platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, you can find remote jobs with flexible schedules and work from anywhere around the world. Moreover, digital nomad lifestyle allows you to create passive income by earning money from the internet without having to commit full-time to a job. Finally, consider striking a deal with your current employer to let you work remotely.

Consider your technology requirements

For someone considering the digital nomad lifestyle, it’s important to consider the technology requirements and self-discipline required to work remotely. You must have excellent digital skills, including written and verbal communication, as well as marketing and sales skills. You also need to make sure you have the right budgeting and decision-making skills to succeed as a digital nomad.

In addition to technology and self-discipline, you must have the right attitude when transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s essential to be self-motivated and persistent in your pursuit of work from anywhere.

Determine your budget & decide on your locations

When choosing a location as a digital nomad, think about the cost of living as well as the cost of rent or accommodation. Carefully consider not just the cost of rent or accommodation, but also the cost of living in the chosen location. For example, you may need to buy groceries and other supplies for your kitchen; pay for healthcare or transportation; and spend money on entertainment, etc. You must also set aside enough savings to build your business. Eating out can be an affordable option in some places, like Thailand.

You must plan how much you can earn as a digital nomad so that you can ensure you can afford to pay your way while traveling and living abroad.

Countries with special digital nomad visas

– Countries with digital nomad visa are a great option for those who want to travel and work as digital nomads. With these visas, you can travel and work in a particular country without the hassle of obtaining a visa. Many countries offer digital nomad visas, including those that have visa-free entry for those with a work visa.

– Digital nomad visa requirements vary from country to country. Some digital nomad visas require proof of sufficient income, while others may require you to have bank account or savings in the country.

– Another important factor to consider when traveling as a digital nomad is the visa program of the country you’re traveling to. For example, some countries may require you to have a bank account or savings before granting you a digital nomad visa. Therefore, it’s important for travelers to research each country’s digital nomad visa requirements before traveling as a digital nomad.

Understanding international tax law

– It’s important to understand the tax laws of the country you plan to work in as they can affect your lifestyle and financial stability.

– While digital nomads are known for traveling the world, they must file taxes to the relevant authority of the country in which they reside.

– At the same time, digital nomad should consider filing the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) as this can help save money on taxes. This exemption is available for individuals who earn income from foreign sources up to $100,000.

– Taxes for digital nomads vary from country to country, some set up companies to reduce their tax bill. To effectively manage tax liabilities, digital nomads must be well-versed with the laws of their home country and those of the countries they travel to.

– Visa requirements for digital nomads can be strict and vary from country to country. They should also ensure that their business is registered properly with the relevant authority in their home country or any other country they reside in.

– There are various ways a digital nomad could earn income, including freelancing or working as a virtual assistant. Individuals should consult a tax professional or local accountant when considering earning income outside the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do you need to become a digital nomad?

To become a digital nomad, the cost can vary depending on lifestyle preferences and location. Generally speaking, digital nomads need enough money to cover the cost of accommodation, transportation, living expenses and other lifestyle choices they may opt for while traveling. To reduce the cost of being a digital nomad, you can stay in hostels, cook meals at home and travel to more budget-friendly destinations.

In addition to the cost of being a digital nomad, digital nomads must also find ways to support themselves as digital nomads. This can involve planning how much money you can reasonably make from remote work as well as juggling several temporary jobs until you can find something more stable. It is important to remember that digital nomads usually don’t work from the beach and should plan accordingly.

Is it hard to become a digital nomad?

Becoming a digital nomad is possible, however, it is not as easy as it may sound. It can take dedication and hard work. In addition to having the technical skills required for remote work, digital nomads must also be focused and self-disciplined in order to succeed.

There are multiple ways to become a digital nomad, such as transitioning to remote work from a full-time job, starting an online business or freelancing, or going solo and traveling the world.

However, becoming a digital nomad also involves paperwork, visa applications, health insurance, travel documents and other bureaucratic processes. The lifestyle of digital nomadism also requires hard work, self-discipline, and motivation in order to make money online while traveling the world.

In conclusion, digital nomadism is achievable with drive and dedication, but there are many steps that need to be taken in order to become successful.

How do I become a digital nomad with no experience?

If you want to become a digital nomad with no experience, the first step is to look for remote work opportunities. You can transition to an online job or ask your current employer to work remotely. You should also explore digital nomad-friendly gigs such as IT, education, consulting, research, marketing and coaching.

Once you’ve chosen the right job and field of work, take the next steps towards digital nomadism by building your network and creating a budget. Networking with freelancers and digital nomads in the same field as yours will give you the opportunity to learn new skills and increase your chances of getting the job. Additionally, make sure that you have enough financial cushion and are comfortable with uncertainty before you move on to the lifestyle change itself. Lastly, having a reliable internet connection is crucial as digital nomad work requires you to be constantly connected to the internet.

There are many benefits to digital nomad life, and you can experience them as long as you’re open to travel and new experiences. At the same time, digital nomad life is not for everyone. It requires a certain mindset, an understanding of digital nomadism and the willingness to embrace it. If traveling is your thing and you enjoy independence and flexibility, digital nomad life may be the lifestyle for you. Just make sure your work ethics align with remote work lifestyle so that you can thrive in this new way of traveling the world.