Online Business Ideas for Digital Nomads

Written: Vagabondist Staff| February 20, 2023

Starting a business, as most of us know, is not easy. It involves hard work, time, and money. But if you are a digital nomad who loves to be on the go and work in coffee shops or co-work spaces, starting a business online is easier than you might expect.

You can do it from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop – all you need is an idea that’s viable enough for you to earn money from. In this blog, we will talk about online business ideas for digital nomads that will enable you to earn money online without having to work at a brick-and-mortar business. We will cover different types of online businesses that digital nomads can start such as e-commerce dropshipping store, affiliate marketing business, consulting business, etc. Let’s get into it!

What are some examples of jobs that can be done by digital nomads?

As a digital nomad, you can work remotely on projects of your choice. Freelance services such as copywriting, web design, and graphic design can be done by digital nomads. freelancers also work with clients online to manage their business remotely.

Developers, creatives, sellers, marketers, freelance writers, and gig providers can all work as digital nomads. remote employees, independent consultants, and freelancers make use of technology such as wireless internet, smartphones, and cloud-based applications while traveling. Entrepreneurs and founders can also make use of the digital nomad lifestyle. People can travel around their own country by campervan or RV and live on sailboats while working from different ports of call.

Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who acts as an assistant to business owners, freelancers, or other professionals. There are many different responsibilities that a virtual assistant can handle, such as scheduling meetings, emailing clients and customers, and preparing presentations and documents. They can also help with administrative tasks such as tracking budgets and expenses, tracking projects, and handling work-related paperwork. In addition to these tasks, virtual assistants may be tasked with researching potential business partners or developing marketing strategies. They can also help manage social media accounts, develop online profiles, and administer online sales campaigns. All of these responsibilities require great organizational skills and the ability to prioritize multiple projects simultaneously. To find virtual assistant positions online, look for job sites and online platforms that focus on this niche.

Graphic design as a career for digital nomads

Graphic design is a suitable career for digital nomads due to the flexibility of working remotely and utilizing creative talents. Graphic designers require formal training in order to be successful, so digital nomads can take advantage of many opportunities to find work that suits their skills and interests. Besides, digital nomads can start a freelance business to generate income from their graphic design work.

The online business option for digital nomads allows them to work from anywhere in the world, making it possible for them to work on a project from start to finish without the need of physical location or office space. They can also work from home, giving them more freedom and flexibility in their daily lives.

There are several misconceptions about being a digital nomad, such as having to work a certain number of hours at a particular location. With the growing demand for digital professionals all over the globe, there are many job opportunities available, which makes it easier for digital nomads to find work that fits their skills and interests.

Transcription as a career for digital nomads

Transcription is a great job option for digital nomads, as it can be done from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. Whether you work from home, the office, or another location, transcription allows you to easily type and store text from audio and video files. Many transcription companies hire freelance transcribers online, making it easy to find work from different locations. Digital nomads often choose this type of work due to its flexibility. In addition to online transcription platforms, digital nomads can use social media to promote their services. With so many digital nomad jobs out there, finding one that works for you can be challenging. However, if you are willing to put in some hard work and dedication, you are sure to find success as a digital nomad

Coding and software development career

Working as a digital nomad can be an ideal career path for those who are looking to work from remote locations. Coding and software development jobs can be done remotely, making it an efficient way of working from anywhere in the world.

Many digital nomad jobs involve offering freelance services such as web design, graphic design, and copywriting. They usually require excellent digital skills, decision making and budgeting skills, and communication skills. To work effectively as a digital nomad, you need to have technology that allows you to work on the go and perform your tasks from anywhere. There are several myths surrounding the digital nomad lifestyle that should be debunked. Working from remote locations requires dedication and hard work, but it can be rewarding and fulfilling career path.

What Types of Small Businesses Can I Start as a Digital Nomad?

As a digital nomad, you have the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and a way to connect to the internet. You could start an online business of your own, such as becoming an entrepreneur, freelancer, or virtual assistant.

You can also work in a flexible job as a customer service agent, bookkeeper, freelance writer, SEO agency worker, virtual assistant, software developer, website designer, or seller on Amazon. This is great for people who love the idea of working online but aren’t entirely sure how to make it work for them.

Start small and try different options and see what works best for you. It’s all about finding your own perfect niche and doing what brings you joy.

Selling Digital Products

Earning income as a digital nomad can be done in various ways. Digital nomads can earn money by selling digital products such as eBooks, digital artwork, online courses, and software. These products are widely popular among digital nomads because they allow digital nomads to earn income without having a physical presence.

However, digital nomads must have the skills to create and manage digital products. Besides, they must have an online presence and be able to market their products well. Payment processing solutions such as PayPal and Stripe are essential for digital nomads to accept payments for their products.

Setting up an Online Drop-shipping Store

Digital nomadism can be a great way to start an online business, as digital products are easy to create and inexpensive to buy. However, dropshipping is an attractive business model for digital nomads looking to start their own online store.

In dropshipping, the startup don’t have to invest in product development or manufacturing of their products. Instead, they design and sell products using online platforms such as Shopify or Amazon. Once these platforms are established, marketing is essential for business survival.

Many dropshippers use social media advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to promote their products. They’ll also create a website that provides customers with detailed information about their products and services.

As with any online business idea, dropshipping requires hard work and dedication. But if you have a digital nomad mindset and a creative business idea, it can be a lucrative way to make money online.

Sell Your Online Courses

If you’re a digital nomad, chances are you’ve heard of online courses. Creating and marketing your own online course can be an excellent way to make money as a digital nomad. Ideally, you should become an expert in a certain field to create high-quality content. This will help you earn money through online courses by offering valuable insights and advice.

You can use various online platforms to reach a wider audience. For example, you could create a blog or social media account to share your knowledge and experiences with the world. You could also leverage marketing and SEO strategies to increase visibility and drive traffic to your online course pages. By creating valuable content and investing in marketing efforts, you can earn money as a digital nomad online easily

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way for digital nomads to earn money online without investing in a physical product or service. This form of online marketing involves an individual or business earning a commission for referring customers to a product or service.

One of the best ways to start affiliate marketing is by finding a niche you are passionate about and creating content around that topic. This will help you build audiences and trust, which are essential factors in affiliate marketing success.

Another vital consideration for digital nomads is choosing a partner with whom they can work together effectively. It’s important to find a partner with similar marketing interests and goals, as this will help ensure that both parties are achieving their desired results.

Finally, it’s essential to track your affiliate marketing efforts and analyze your results regularly to ensure that you’re making the most of your promotion efforts.

Amazon FBA Business

-Amazon FBA businesses are one of the most popular digital nomad business models, involving the production and shipment of physical products to Amazon warehouses.

-Establishing an Amazon FBA business involves learning about marketing on Amazon, developing a brand, and finding manufacturers.

-The potential for quick success with this business model makes it appealing for digital nomads who are looking to strike it rich quickly.

-Digital nomads can use marketplaces such as UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, 99 Designs, Toptal, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and TaskRabbit as an alternate business option. These platforms offer great options for income generation without having to worry about managing a business or shipping products themselves.

These platforms offer great options for income generation without having to worry about managing a business or shipping products themselves. With these platforms, digital nomads can earn money online doing tasks they enjoy while also having more freedom and flexibility in their work schedule.

In addition to earning income online, digital nomads can also experience great travel opportunities with this business model. Established businesses can leverage the benefits of digital nomads by marketing their products online and ensuring their branded products reach the target audience efficiently through Amazon’s fulfillment network. Overall, establishing an Amazon FBA business is one way digital nomads can earn money online and still have the freedom and flexibility of traveling around the world as they please.

Consulting business

If you’re a digital nomad, it might sound like the perfect lifestyle: traveling the world, making money while sitting back and enjoying the view. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. You could start a consulting business to make money while traveling.

A consulting business is similar to a regular business, but with one big difference: you don’t need any physical assets or assets of any kind for it to work. All you need is an internet connection and some idea of what business you want to work on. A variety of digital nomad business ideas are available, such as blogging, selling on Amazon, creating online courses, or freelancing. These businesses are great ways to make income while traveling without compromising on your lifestyle or social life.

Digital Marketing Agency

Though digital nomads can start an online business in a variety of ways, dropshipping is one of the most popular options. Dropshipping involves selling products online without having to stock them. Instead, digital nomads take orders, receive products from suppliers, and then bill the customer for the item’s price. This way, digital nomads can earn income from online sales without having to invest time or money in inventory or logistics.

Another online business idea for digital nomads is freelancing. In this model, digital nomads provide services online through online marketplaces such as oDesk or Freelancer. They can earn income by taking on projects of any size and delivering services quickly and efficiently. Becoming a digital nomad requires a high level of focus and flexibility, making it a great idea for digital nomads who want to earn income from work online without being tied to a specific location. There are over 500 business ideas available online, so you can find one that suits your lifestyle and income needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can entrepreneurs be digital nomads?

Yes, entrepreneurs can definitely be digital nomads. Digital nomadism is based on the idea of combining work and travel lifestyle. It involves working remotely from different locations, usually through online platforms and virtual workspaces.

Digital nomad entrepreneurship allows for a great deal of flexibility, as it is possible to run many different types of businesses remotely. Some of these business types include freelance writing, graphic design, web development, social media management and consulting. By using technology such as laptops, internet connection and business apps, digital nomads can easily take their business on the go, without having to worry about location or time constraints.

However, successful digital nomad entrepreneurship may require certain key skills and strategies. These include cash flow management, project management skills, customer service skills and effective communication with clients remotely. With the right combination of these aspects, digital nomad entrepreneurs can build a successful business that allows them to live their dream lifestyle of work and travel.

What can I sell as a digital nomad?

As a digital nomad, you have the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Therefore, you have many options when it comes to making money.

Common digital nomad jobs include customer service, bookkeeping, freelance writing, SEO agency work, virtual assistant work, software development, website design, and selling on Amazon. You could also specialize in a niche skill such as graphic design or social media marketing.

In addition, digital nomads can also become entrepreneurs or freelancers by offering remote services or products online. You could create an ecommerce store and start selling physical products, or you could offer digital services such as online courses or consulting work.

It is important to research the market and focus on what skills or services you can offer that would appeal to customers online. With careful planning and dedication, digital nomads can be successful in pursuing their career goals while maintaining a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility.

How much money can you make as a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are people who make money online as digital freelancers or entrepreneurs. With the right skills, determination, and a laptop with a good internet connection, it’s possible to become a digital nomad and make money while traveling.

Many digital nomads have successfully started businesses costing less than $1000, such as proofreading and editing services, website design, content marketing, copywriting, social media management, virtual assistant services, etc. Additionally, digital nomads can also start an online business for under $100 using platforms like Squarespace and Shopify.

While it is possible to make a living as a digital nomad on less than $1000 a month, this will depend greatly on the individual. Some digital nomads are able to sustain themselves in comfort by taking up remote work opportunities with higher salaries. While others may find that their income fluctuates and they need to supplement their income elsewhere either through savings or additional employment.


To summarize, there are a lot of online business ideas that digital nomads can start to earn online income while traveling the world. You could start an online course and teach digital nomad lifestyle and business skills or create an online store to sell products that digital nomad travelers might find useful. Or you could offer freelancing services as a digital nomad freelancer and help companies design their websites, blog, social media accounts, or online marketing strategy. If you’re more of a people person and like to be in-person with your clients, you could start an agency that helps digital nomad entrepreneurs design their offices in popular nomad locations around the world. As you can see, digital nomad business ideas are endless! Happy startup!