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Best Co-Working Spaces in Hanoi, Vietnam

Written: Vagabondist Staff| October 4, 2023



Dreamplex Location and Facilities

Looking for a top-notch coworking space in Hanoi? Look no further than Dreamplex! Located in the heart of the city, Dreamplex offers a prime location for professionals and entrepreneurs to work and collaborate. Situated in the vibrant Dong Da district, this coworking space provides easy access to transportation, trendy cafes, and local attractions.

Dreamplex boasts state-of-the-art facilities that cater to your every need. The workspaces are modern, well-designed, and equipped with ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, and ample natural lighting. Whether you prefer a comfortable desk, a private office, or a cozy lounge, Dreamplex has a variety of options to suit your working style.

Moreover, Dreamplex offers top-notch meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, making it the perfect place to host client meetings, workshops, or events. With spacious conference rooms, audiovisual equipment, and catering services, Dreamplex ensures a seamless and professional experience for all your business needs.

Dreamplex Amenities and Community

At Dreamplex, the amenities go above and beyond. Need a break from work? Take advantage of the fully equipped gym, complete with fitness classes and personal trainers. Recharge with a cup of gourmet coffee from the onsite café or unwind with a game of pool in the recreational space.

One of the standout features of Dreamplex is its vibrant community. You'll have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals from various industries. Attend networking events, workshops, and social gatherings to expand your connections and gain valuable insights from the diverse community.

Additionally, Dreamplex offers exclusive perks to its members, including discounts at nearby restaurants, access to mentorship programs, and opportunities to collaborate with partner organizations.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a premier coworking space in Hanoi, Dreamplex is the place to be. With its convenient location, top-notch facilities, and vibrant community, it provides the perfect environment for productivity, collaboration, and growth. Experience the future of work at Dreamplex!



Toong Location and Facilities

Located in the heart of Hanoi, Toong offers several conveniently located coworking spaces spread across the city. Whether you're near Hoan Kiem Lake, in West Lake, or in Ba Dinh district, you can find a Toong workspace that suits your needs.

Toong provides top-notch facilities to ensure a comfortable and productive coworking experience. High-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, and spacious workstations are just a few of the amenities they offer. Need a break? Head to the cozy lounge area or grab a cup of coffee from their in-house café.

Toong Innovative Design and Community

One of the standout features of Toong coworking spaces is the innovative and vibrant design. With ample natural light, modern aesthetics, and thoughtful layouts, their spaces are designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. From open-plan work areas to private meeting rooms, Toong offers a variety of spaces that cater to different work styles.

But it's not just about the physical space – Toong prides itself on fostering a supportive and dynamic community. Regular networking events, workshops, and social activities bring members together and create opportunities for collaboration and professional growth. Whether you're a freelancer, a startup founder, or a remote worker, you'll find a diverse community of like-minded individuals at Toong.

With its convenient locations, well-equipped facilities, and vibrant community, Toong is undoubtedly one of the best coworking spaces in Hanoi. Whether you need a space to work, network, or find inspiration, Toong offers an ideal environment for entrepreneurs and creative professionals. So, why wait? Check out Toong and take your work to the next level in a stimulating and collaborative setting.


Up Co-working Space

Up Co-working Space Location and Facilities

If you're in Hanoi and looking for the best coworking space to work in, Up Co-working Space should be at the top of your list. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, this coworking space offers a productive and inspiring environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. With its modern facilities and amenities, you'll have everything you need to work efficiently and comfortably.

The location of Up Co-working Space is strategic, situated in a bustling area with easy access to public transportation. This makes it convenient for professionals who want to be in the center of the action. The space itself is bright and spacious, providing a refreshing and energetic atmosphere. You can choose from various seating options, including open desks, dedicated desks, and private offices, depending on your preference and needs. High-speed internet, meeting rooms, and printing services are also available to ensure a seamless work experience.

Up Co-working Space Unique Features and Community

What sets Up Co-working Space apart from other coworking spaces in Hanoi is its emphasis on community and collaboration. This space is more than just a place to work; it's a community of like-minded individuals who support and inspire each other. Regular networking events and workshops are organized to foster connections and knowledge sharing among members.

Additionally, Up Co-working Space offers unique features that enhance the coworking experience. For instance, they have an on-site café that serves delicious coffee and snacks, perfect for a quick break or casual meetings. Furthermore, the space is pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your furry friends to work with you. This adds an extra level of comfort and enjoyment to your work environment.

Whether you're a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a remote worker, Up Co-working Space in Hanoi provides the perfect blend of productivity and community. With its prime location, modern facilities, and unique features, it's no wonder why it's considered one of the best coworking spaces in the city.



Looking for the best coworking space in Hanoi, Vietnam? Look no further than ClickSpace! With its prime location, excellent facilities, and vibrant community, ClickSpace is the perfect place to work and collaborate.

ClickSpace Location and Facilities

Conveniently situated in the heart of Hanoi, ClickSpace is easily accessible and surrounded by bustling cafes, restaurants, and shops. The workspace offers a spacious and well-designed environment, equipped with modern amenities to enhance your productivity.

Here are some facilities you can expect at ClickSpace:

  • High-speed internet: Stay connected and get your work done without any disruptions.
  • Comfortable work areas: Choose from a variety of open desks, private offices, or meeting rooms to suit your needs.
  • Relaxation areas: Take a break from work and unwind in the cozy lounge or outdoor terrace.
  • Modern equipment: Access to state-of-the-art technology, including printers, scanners, and projectors.
  • Conference rooms: Host client meetings or team brainstorming sessions in the well-equipped conference rooms.
  • 24/7 access: Work according to your own schedule with round-the-clock access to the coworking space.

ClickSpace Affordable Pricing and Community

ClickSpace understands the importance of affordability for startups, freelancers, and small businesses. They offer flexible membership plans to cater to various needs and budgets. From daily passes to monthly memberships, you can choose a plan that works best for you.

In addition to the excellent facilities, ClickSpace has a vibrant and supportive community. You'll have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals from various industries. The regular networking events, workshops, and seminars hosted by ClickSpace further enrich the coworking experience.

So, if you're looking for a coworking space that offers a prime location, top-notch facilities, affordable pricing, and a thriving community, ClickSpace is the perfect choice in Hanoi.



If you're looking for the best coworking spaces in Hanoi, you have several great options to choose from. Dreamplex, Toong, Up Co-working Space, and ClickSpace are all top-notch spaces that offer a range of amenities and services to support your work needs. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, these coworking spaces provide a collaborative and productive environment for you to thrive in.

Comparison between Dreamplex, Toong, Up Co-working Space, and ClickSpace

  1. Dreamplex: Known for its modern and stylish design, Dreamplex offers flexible membership options and a vibrant community. They provide essential amenities such as high-speed internet, private meeting rooms, and event spaces.

  2. Toong: With multiple locations throughout Hanoi, Toong is a popular choice among creatives and startups. They offer a range of membership plans, including virtual offices and dedicated desks, and have a variety of amenities like comfortable lounges and well-equipped meeting rooms.

  3. Up Co-working Space: Up Co-working Space stands out for its spacious and well-lit work areas. They offer flexible plans, including hot desks and private offices, and provide amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, and a professional reception.

  4. ClickSpace: ClickSpace appeals to the tech community with its tech-focused environment and support. They offer a range of membership options, including dedicated desks and private offices, and provide amenities like 24/7 access, high-speed internet, and networking events.

Factors to consider when choosing a coworking space

When deciding on the best coworking space for you, consider the following factors:

  1. Location: Choose a space that is convenient for you to access and is located in a vibrant area with amenities such as restaurants and cafes.

  2. Amenities: Look for essential amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, comfortable workspaces, and additional perks like coffee, snacks, and event spaces.

  3. Community: Consider the type of professionals and industries that frequent the space and whether it aligns with your interests or business needs. A supportive and collaborative community can enhance your experience.

  4. Pricing: Evaluate the cost of membership and what is included in each plan. Look for transparent pricing and flexible options that fit your budget.

By considering these factors and weighing the pros and cons of each coworking space, you can find the best fit for your work style and business needs in Hanoi.